Belle Rose

Jazz, Blues & Swing

London born singer Belle Rose leads us on a musical journey of vocal jazz, blues & swing. She offers a fresh and exciting repertoire to make your feet tap and your heart melt. Accompanied by some of the best musicians Bristol & London have to offer, Belle Rose mixes daring improvisation and musical refinement with lots and lots of fun!

 Offering different formats to cater to every budget!:
 duet (guitar/piano and vocals)
 trio (with sax or double bass)
 quartet (with drums)
 quintet (with violin or trumpet)
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Cantant Londinenca. Realitza un repertori divers de temes actuals y clàssics. Així, es posa de manifest la textura i riquesa de la seva. Les seves influències provenen d'artistes com Diana Krall, Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, James Brown, Zenet, Aretha Franklin i Nina Simone.